Hello and welcome to the forgotten teaspoon!  

In recent years I have found myself sharing so many recipes with my friends and family, that the forgotten teaspoon was born as a way to share my musings about food.  I grew up in the kitchen with my Mother and Grandmother where I learned about the transformative nature of this part of the home and the creations that come out of it.  Food brings people together.  It is so much more than just a medium of sustenance, it is an art, a gateway for family traditions and values, and an agent of pure enjoyment.

Today, in my kitchen, my Grandmother’s voice remains just as vigilant as it was when I was a child, however many of the things I cook have changed.  Here on the forgotten teaspoon you will find a mix of beloved family recipes, new favorites, and a bit of experimentation.  The food you will find highlighted here will be simple, but often display a twist, utilizing the best in seasonal vegetables, whole grains, and the richness of fresh herbs and spices.

There is nothing I enjoy more than cooking good food and enjoying it with family and friends.  I hope that you will be able to find enjoyment in this food too…

~ Kate

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