Welcome Back! … and Leek Fritters

The answer to your question is, yes, I am alive.  Unfortunately, however, it is September, and I have not posted a single thing since December of 2011.  At this point, I think it is fair to say that I have been more than a little bit of a failure at this for the better part of a year.  Between everything to do with planning a wedding, a job that was consuming my soul in a way that I would prefer not to discuss, applying for jobs, getting an interview three days before my wedding, getting married, getting a new job two days later, giving my notice, traveling to Ohio for a second wedding reception, starting my new job, and all those millions of little things in between that life throws at you, I have been both physically and emotionally exhausted.  However, there seems to be a light at the end of the tunnel now that I have posted the last of my thank you notes!

Over the past year, there have been so very many recipes that I have wanted to share, and while I have taken many photos and made many notes, I have failed to post anything at all.  Now I am left with a terrible loss of words at where to start…as a result, I have decided to start fresh…so I guess I will jump right in… Continue reading

Acorn Squash with Cranberry – Apple Stuffing

Several weeks ago, we had dinner at a friend’s house and were served this delicious fall treat.  Since then I have made it several times, with many different variations.  It combines all the wonderful flavors of fall in one simple dish.

Due to how easy, delicious and seasonally appropriate it is, it has become my go to, “I don’t feel like making something exciting for dinner dish.”  Yet with a little maple sausage thrown in, it becomes quite an exciting meal all its own.

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Double Squash Soup

Last November, when we were living in Boston, we had a pre-Thanksgiving Thanksgiving with a group of friends.  I think that there ended up being twelve of us squeezed into the kitchen of our apartment.  Once we sat down, no one could get up.  Despite the fact that quarters were close, everyone had a great time and a great meal.

My dear friend Tallo (who writes her own food blog, La Cucina Francesca) contributed this amazing squash soup to our meal, which I was instantly in love with.  It continues to be a favorite of mine.  As a child, I would never eat the squash served at my Grandmother’s Thanksgiving holiday table because I hated the stringy texture of the mashed squash that she always served.  This pre-Thanksgiving Thanksgiving made me realize that though my Grandmother would be appalled to hear me say it, what you decide to serve at your holiday table does not always have to follow family tradition, especially if only half the people at your holiday table will eat the dish in question.

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Golden Cauliflower and Brussels Sprouts with Parmesan

For the past several weeks, this farm stand near us has had signs every 8 feet or so leading up to it from both directions, that say: ‘Gorgeous’ … ‘Spectacular’ … ‘Cauliflower’.  Who can resist such advertising?  Not me.  Especially when I haven’t been able to make this fantastic dish since last year, and the brussels sprouts in our garden are just beginning to look perfect for picking.

And they weren’t lying, if that cauliflower isn’t gorgeous and spectacular, I don’t know what is.

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Warm Corn, Green Bean and Radish Salad with Fresh Thyme

I discovered this recipe last April in one of my food blog wanderings.  I was looking for new interesting dishes during the time of year when fresh local vegetables are scarce, but just starting to appear out of greenhouses.  I was looking to use up the last of my frozen corn from the previous year, before the bountiful new year began, and this dish lent itself beautifully to such an endeavor.

Over the course of this summer I have made this dish several times with all fresh local ingredients, and it was spectacular each and every time.

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Tomato, Bacon and Cheddar Open Faced Sandwiches

YUM!!! Is about all I can say about these.  This is another specialty of my Grandmother’s, in fact it was one of her indulgences.  It is not the healthiest sandwich ever, but I am very sure it is not the worst either, and oh, is it good!  However, it is something that is really best during tomato season, when the freshest sweetest tomatoes are available.  As a result, this was probably our last one of the year, but before I put it to bed until next August, I thought I would share it with you all.

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