Cranberry – Apple Chutney with Ginger

I love the tang of cranberries, and I love how that tang is traditionally used to cut through the richness of a Thanksgiving dinner.  However, I hate when cranberry sauce has too much sweetness added to help subdue that tang.  It is for that reason that I really enjoy this Cranberry – Apple chutney with Ginger.  There is some added sweetness, but the beauty of this chutney is that you get the tang of the cranberries, offset by the sweetness of the apples, and then you get a little more punch from the ginger.  It is a lovely combination of not too sweet, not too sharp, complex flavor.

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Double Squash Soup

Last November, when we were living in Boston, we had a pre-Thanksgiving Thanksgiving with a group of friends.  I think that there ended up being twelve of us squeezed into the kitchen of our apartment.  Once we sat down, no one could get up.  Despite the fact that quarters were close, everyone had a great time and a great meal.

My dear friend Tallo (who writes her own food blog, La Cucina Francesca) contributed this amazing squash soup to our meal, which I was instantly in love with.  It continues to be a favorite of mine.  As a child, I would never eat the squash served at my Grandmother’s Thanksgiving holiday table because I hated the stringy texture of the mashed squash that she always served.  This pre-Thanksgiving Thanksgiving made me realize that though my Grandmother would be appalled to hear me say it, what you decide to serve at your holiday table does not always have to follow family tradition, especially if only half the people at your holiday table will eat the dish in question.

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