Green Tomato and Corn Tacos

Due to the fact that I was still in possession of an abundance of green tomatoes after Friday’s little Crispy Fried Green Tomatoes snack, I decided I needed to broaden my green tomato horizons so that my husband and I don’t overload on fried food. I mean I love it, but I can only take so much in a short time. One thing however that we never seem to get tired of is tacos. Over the past several months my husband and I have become addicted to tacos, and this recipe is one that I am definitely going to add to our taco repertoire.

I have found that the key to making great tacos as opposed to just good tacos is the tortilla.  It is important to make sure that you use a high quality corn tortilla as your taco vehicle.  Whether you buy or make that tortilla is up to you, but trust me when I say that the tortilla matters. Continue reading

Spicy Black Bean – Wheat Berry Chili with Turkey Sausage

I apologize for posting two chili recipes so close together, but this chili is very different from my classic chili and was simply too good to pass up sharing with you.  My Mother is the one who turned me on to this recipe, when she made the original version about a week ago.  I have made a few updates, but this southwestern inspired chili is so hardy and flavorful that it is equally good with or without the sausage and makes a fabulous vegetarian meal.

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Best Black Beans

Black beans are a central ingredient in many great recipes, but they can also be a delicious dish in their own right.  Being able to make really good, flavorful black beans makes them not only enjoyable on their own, but also boosts the flavor of other dishes in which they are used.  This recipe comes from my Mother, who makes a batch of black beans almost every weekend in the winter.  This is because she can cook them on top of the wood stove.  She simply throws the beans in a pot, with water, puts them on the stove and then goes on to do whatever else she has planned for the day, allowing the beans to cook over low heat for several hours.  While we don’t all have this luxury, these beans are easy to make regardless of what kind of stove you cook them on.

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