Crab cakes with chipotle chili sauce and grilled corn and tomato salsa

Birthdays are a time for celebration.  They provide the perfect excuse to show someone that you care.  Even a simple gesture can mean a great deal, after all, who doesn’t like to receive a birthday card in the mail.

This year, for my Mom’s birthday, I decided to throw her a little party.  I asked her more than a month ago what she might like for her special dinner, and she responded with the definitive statement: “really good crab cakes and your maple carrot cake.”  So that is what we had!

I have made crab cakes a number of times before, but have never found a recipe that I was in love with, until now!  These crab cakes were absolutely delicious, they were moist and flavorful, and did not require a sauce of any kind.  However, wanting to appeal to everyone’s tastes in my dinner party, I did make two sauces both of which were excellent, and did a lovely job of enhancing the crab cakes.  Of the two sauces, I think that the chipolte chili sauce was definitely the better of the two.  It provided just the right amount of heat (however, I do love spicy food), but did not overpower the flavor of the crab cakes themselves.  The grilled corn and tomato salsa was also good, and appealed more to those who do not prefer spicy food.

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