Warm Corn, Green Bean and Radish Salad with Fresh Thyme

I discovered this recipe last April in one of my food blog wanderings.  I was looking for new interesting dishes during the time of year when fresh local vegetables are scarce, but just starting to appear out of greenhouses.  I was looking to use up the last of my frozen corn from the previous year, before the bountiful new year began, and this dish lent itself beautifully to such an endeavor.

Over the course of this summer I have made this dish several times with all fresh local ingredients, and it was spectacular each and every time.

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Tomato, Bacon and Cheddar Open Faced Sandwiches

YUM!!! Is about all I can say about these.  This is another specialty of my Grandmother’s, in fact it was one of her indulgences.  It is not the healthiest sandwich ever, but I am very sure it is not the worst either, and oh, is it good!  However, it is something that is really best during tomato season, when the freshest sweetest tomatoes are available.  As a result, this was probably our last one of the year, but before I put it to bed until next August, I thought I would share it with you all.

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Sweet Corn Chowder

I always buy too much corn on the cob.  Whenever I go to the farm stand to pick some up for dinner, I always get at least a dozen, even if it is only Nate and me eating it.  But I never let any of it go to waste!  Most often I freeze it, as I discuss in my post on Preserving the tastes of summer, to savor in the deepest depths of winter in one form or another.  But I also love to use the left over corn on the cob in other dishes, two of my all time favorites are this Sweet Corn Chowder and my Warm Corn, Radish and Green Bean Salad (post to come).

Most soup recipes, and especially chowders, call for heavy cream or whole milk.  While this ingredient makes soup creamy and delicious, it also jacks up the fat content of the soup.  As a result, I most often use whatever milk I happen to have in the fridge, usually skim, rather than the ticker and creamier alternative.  In addition, I usually add a little flour or puree a bit of potato or something, depending on the soup, to make up for the creaminess of the whole milk.  While this may not be for everyone, I highly recommend at least trying it once or twice, with whatever lower fat milk you want, because I never seem to miss the cream.

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Maple-Balsamic Beets

Isn’t it funny how much our tastes change as we move from childhood to adulthood?  It is a gradual change that happens over the course of many years, but looking back at the age of 27, I realize that almost all those previously “yucky” vegetables that I refused to touch with a ten foot pole as a child, I now simply can’t get enough of.  Beets are one such vegetable that I now find to be addicting, especially when they are prepared with this Maple-Balsamic dressing.

Now, I will admit that you could cover almost anything in maple syrup and I would eat it with gusto, but what makes these beets delicious isn’t simply the maple.  It is the combination of the sweetness of the maple, the tang of the balsamic vinegar and earthiness of the beets.

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Stuffed Peppers

Everything in our garden is a little bit behind this year, in terms of normal harvest times, because of all the rain we got early in the season.  As a result, right now we are drowning in peppers.  We made salsa and tomato sauce, which used up quite a few, but there are still more than enough to go around.  So, how to turn green and red peppers into a meal?  Use up all those things just hanging around in your fridge and garden, and stuff them with sausage, couscous, cheese, etc.

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Whole-wheat thin crust pizza with fresh tomato, corn, spinach and bacon

My favorite time of year to make pizza is in the summer.  While this may seem strange based on the fact that it requires you to heat up your oven, and therefore your kitchen to 450 degrees, something now one wants to do in the heat of August.  It is also the time of year when you can get the best and freshest ingredients.

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